Go Your Own Way

…and, mix it up a little.

The summer season is beginning…time for a break.  Take a break from your routine, try something new, take a vacation from the completely familiar, or find the new in the day-to-day places that you frequent.

For an adventure, you don’t even have to leave your home, office or computer.  Look around.  There’s new everywhere…give some of it a try and let it work on you.  Take a new way home from work, go to a different supermarket, try that ethnic cuisine about which you have no idea, see what the museum had added to it’s collection.  It a big world, and the most adventurous explore the far reaches of it.  But, a new path in a familiar landscape has a lot of surprises waiting for you as well.

So, this summer remember to be that person who tries new things.  Be an explorer…even in your own back yard.  See what you haven’t seen that’s just outside your front door.

And, share what you learn with the people you love…via HazelMail.

Wherever you go or stay, have a great summer!

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