50 + 60 = Amazing

Two of my closest friends had milestone birthdays this month…50 and 60.   A few key observations came into sharp focus as we talked about their big days:

–50 is the new 30

–60 is not so unsettling when I see how well it can be executed.

–TIME FLIES!!!!!!…don’t hesitate!!!

–We rarely get to spend long periods of time together, so I really appreciate the current small points of contact I have with both…the texts, the phone calls, the occasional book, card or postcard in the mail–I love the tangible ones best.

–I really appreciate the history we share.  They have introduced me to one of my favorite applications of Hazelmail–old photos scanned and that history arriving in the mail…makes me smile.

–There is a lot of comfort and fun to be had in the company of minds who share your same memories.  Wings are great…so are roots.

So, reach out to your old friends (and, I mean OLD!)

Share your memories and your current adventures.  Give people memories that the can hold in their hands.

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