Holidays are an opportunity

The beauty of a crisis is that is becomes an opportunity to show someone how much you care about them…a visit, a card, some food, a phone call from a friend, bringing people together to create community (aka strength and support)–all very welcome and appreciated.

Holidays create the same opportunity without the misfortune.  This holiday season is the chance to show your people that you care…a card, some food, a phone call, bringing people together–all so appropriate this time of year.

It’s also an opportunity to develop that muscle for showing you care all year long.  It’s not hard to make your people feel loved…it’s just a habit that you can get into, an exercise that you practice.

The Hazel who inspired the site was all about making her people feel loved…amazingly so.  If Hazel loved you, you knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  This holiday season, don’t allow any doubts about how much you care to exist in the minds of your people.  Express it in any number of ways (…of course, we  want you to do it postcard-style…including the post-holiday thank you note).

So, the message remains…Make your people feel loved.

The HazelMail team wishes you a very happy holiday season filled with love…starting with the love that you give.



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