Now, we can provide…
•       Branded smartphone apps for the length of the campaign (other platforms, too)
•       Branded website with specific URL
•       Postcards with your logo or offer on each card printed, stamped and mailed.
•       Confirmation emails are sent with each order…That’s more customized email with a huge open rate.
•       One update of the app during the course of the campaign to remind users of the app on their phone.
•       Email list of users for future targeted marketing.
•       All customer service
  A campaign can reach the user several times in welcome ways…and, also reach their friends in a lasting way. 

It’s a unique, viral offering to promote. 

Please contact      Michael Lato  michaellato3@gmail.com

 We're a custom postcard site/app that allows users to send real mail from their phones or computers.   

By attaching a logo or call-to-action to the cards/apps, the service allows sponsors to brand real interpersonal mail.

Problem:  It’s hard to get a consumer’s attention.   Email open rates are falling.

Solution:  Let someone’s friends or family put your brand’s name somewhere close to the recipient’s heart for a long time.   

Initially, we offered a co-branded webpage and postcards.